Anime expo is on, not for me yet, but, man Im excited about! *howard dean scream

This is usually the best time to read my blogs for anime because of the anime expo

So excited t write and report what all I see this year at the anime expo, last year it was my first year at the expo and honestly, I only went on one of the days of the 4 day event that takes place literally across the street from my apartment. This year, since I am not getting press badges, again, I am pushing for two days which looks like it may be a go.


    The Co host for strangeillustratedpodcast, will be attending all 4 days but getting him to write anything, post on the site is the equivalent of doing it with your mind, actually eventually, if you keep at it...



    So I am on my own, for now, getting ready to delve into, no submerse myself into the anime world for a short time that exist at the L.A. convention center, then back to my version of reality. If I am so lucky I should be attending July the 3rd and 4th, full camera battery and energy drinks and probably some edible pot, yeah actually forget the other stuff, Ill just pay the co host to periscope it whist I sit in the apartment, surfing the edges of consciousness from the amount of pot I ingested, this is a plan. Knowing my luck he will forget to pull his phone out f his pocket or leave it on a table and someone else picks it up, now this guy not only stole a phone but is in control of the periscope feed.


    This must not happen, I will attend the final two days of anime expo 2016. I will document said events, and post them amongst my many platforms for soapboxing and social mediating. I am anticipating the cos-play costumes, the booths of handmade anime related items, drawings and paintings. Looking, just looking at the different character models and figurines, the cost of these particular items usually are in the, "high pitch quick yelp" price range so I mostly do not engage in the entertaining the sales people with my fake ass interest in a purchase, amazing artwork and beautifully sculpted figures however, please do not get me wrong.



    Well it is Saturday, and I have not got a badge yet, it is still early, hopefully I get the call by the end of the day today if not, the hunt is on for another. This is just an update post not really of any substance pertaining to the expo but I wanted to express my passions, my anime passions. I will see you all at the Anime expo Sunday and Monday hopefully and my next post should be fruitful with substance in the flavor of anime. So subscribe, stay tuned do what ever you do I will be back with more post throughout the site and stay close for anime expo coverage by  

vince stephen

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