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Anime nexpo yearxpo


    Well I completely and totally failed to get into the expo this year. I is my fault, my weak attempts gaining access were no match I figure. I knew It was going to be a down to the wire decision but I was confident that I would be able to attend. A super bum bummer but I did manage to snag some pictures that Ill through up during the article that will plain obviously, me bitching and complaining about all the stuff I missed.    


    As I watch from my apartment, all walks of Life from the full spectrum of anime fandom and community. Fans with T-shirts on, proudly display a subtle quip or ablatant title from one their most beloved shows. People with functional Cos play on, you know , jeans and a shirt but maybe the clothes are the same scheme as a character and they may brandish a replica of that characters weapon. Then you have the legit cos-play attendees, people that just bought tickets to the expo like most, but goes beyond detail or expense when it comes to their Cos Play.  


    I search the series of tubes formerly known as the internet for two straight days looking for someone willing to sell me a badge for a reason price and not using my own demand against me. I searched and I searched (craiglist and reddit)  to no avail. getting close on Saturday but not able to leave work soon enough to procure my badge. I knew there was a possibility of this happening if I did not register for the expo soon enough but not 2017, registering right now as a attendee just in case I can not get a press badge, time will tell.


    I think the coverage will have to rely on other sources that I can redirect you to like my Co-host YouTube page, it is just his name Quinton Weston. We also are releasing a podcast wrapping up his attendance and covering panels and things that hegot to experience. So stay tuned we may not have the most extensive coverage this year but, we are getting it together. The best coverage would be to fly or drive or walk your ass out here to southern California and attend the expo. 




Dont Worry I Wont Spoil One Of The Best Anime (Live Action) Movie Ever (even though its beenout for like, ever!

I may be understating this, solid , solid fact. Great story, good to great scenes, good to great writing overall solid movie.  The character portrayals are were so good when it was over you wanted to watched the next episode to see what hijinks Lupin was getting into next. At a little over two hours it is a ton of movie with the Lupin the Third feel and if your like me, you wanted to see them steal shit before the whole main plot point start and you want to see what they did with the tension between Fujiko and Lupin, and the cunning was at ten.

       Now Don't worry like I said in the title will not give away the story while explaining why I loved it so much. The movie starts out mid suspense, mid thievery, as you get a glimpse the feature  characters in the anime. It should have come to no surprise that there is conflict brewing and the gang have to react. The action is amazing and as the stylish thieves punch there way through there issues in hopes to bandage there mental wounds. (Have I given too much away?)

Some of the dialogue or writing was fitting, understandably though, some not custom to films outside of the huge American market, might find it a bit cheesy, but I love it and I challenge you, go the entire day without saying something cheesy, I dare you, challenge accepted? With that said some of the writing at no fault of the actors was a little meh, Maybe for English dubbed, suitable translation, yada, yada, I get it, okay, I still loved the movie.

So basically look, Badass movie, Goemon is fantastic, Lupin is dressed well, and Fugiko, well Fugiko is so amazing both to look at and in her role. I don't think you will be disappointed giving this one a shot, if it is not in your collection already and this is just pander to your panda. ....? Okay I am done go watch the fucking movle!!!!









lupin the third live action movie or Yeah its been out for a minute, I am still excited to see it

No I haven't watched it yet, I have been lurking, which is my new favorite word in context to 'shopping for' or observing for a long period of time, on the concept for a couple of days. I am a admitted casual fan of LT3. I say casual because I have not watched Lupin the Third since the peak of the cartoon network adult swim days, around about 2004 to the 2007 area maybe longer, I would have to refresh my memory on the particular fact but it has been at least 5 strong years. I never bought any of the DVD stuff or show related items or bother to stream or find streams of the show online. I am a casual fan of Lupin the Third, but I know a lot of you can relate and a lot of are as excited as me for this movie.

Look this is the trailer for the movie it came out in mid 2014, I am not sure what the box office of the budget of the film was but I am intrigued to find out and post about it later when I blog about the review of the film. which I think I'm going to watch it tonight but possibly tomorrow, I got options. I am trying to keep these short and to the fucking point I know time is precious.

The anime expo 2015 in Los Angeles

vince Stephen

july 6 2015

Well, What can I say? It was spectacular for two main reason which I will elaborate through the blog. One, I only got to go for a few hours, just that small amount of time was worth every bit of the $30 I paid for my pass. Two, It was huge! So many things to see, so many panels and conferences. I did not want to waste the only time I would get to go this ear standing in line, no, I wanted to look around. I wanted to buy shit! The fate of arriving to a convention to late.

When I walked in from the Pico Bl and Figueroa street I was immediately bombarded with yummy anime goodness. Even though I could not guess all the characters I saw, the impressive cosplay costumes I think for me stole the  show being that this is my first con, for anything. The elaborate costumes and artistry and time it takes put a great deal of the outfits together is as impressive as most of them looked. I recognized so characters like Inuyahsa, The Attack on Titan characters and the dragon ball Z characters. I was unable to locate or at least identify cosplayers dressing like characters from animes that I have recently discovered and enjoy.

Like I said, I was only there for one day, and few hours at that! I took a few pictures but I wanted to keep moving through the convention center to see as much as possible. I went up stairs to the exhibition hall where they were selling and showcasing anime and novelty items. In the back of the exhibition hall was an area called Artist Alley. In the Artist Alley there were Artist selling there drawings, posters and clothing and more. The center of the exhibition hall was the big anime brand tables and novelty character booths. Just imagine trade show on LSD with awesome lights. As soon as I got a chance to start looking around in the exhibition hall, an announcement over the loud speaker alerted that the hall will be closing in 20 minutes. God Dammit! Well, it will give me time to go to the west part of the convention center and find out what's going on over there.

 On the other ide of the convention center was the gaming hall, I forgot exactly what it was called but that is primarily what was taking place in there. The hall was filled with stations with computers and I assume PlayStation 4s and XBOX ONEs VR machines and not to mention arcade games that were obviously inaccessible due to people hogging them or there just not being enough arcade games in the hall. Every station, filled, every arcade game, claimed, so I just walked through and looked to see if there was anything worth sticking around for beside the off chance of someone collapsing from one of the consoles or arcade games and I sneak up and take there spot.

 Wait a second, ON the other side of this giant black section curtain, thing, is a cosplay scene area where you can take pictures wit your cosplay gear on , fucking awesome. I have no cosplay costume but this is an opportunity to take pictures again! I took a few pictures and moved on. Where to go now, I have been here for a couple hours at this point. I go to one of the conference doors to see what panels are about to start, all the lines are so long so, see ya! I head back over to the where I started and take a few more pictures and wish that the exhibition hall was opened, the I made my exit.

 Next year I hope to get a Press badge for the event next year so Strange ills has more extensive coverage of the event. I enjoyed he very small amount of time I was there and look forward to going back. Maybe I will in some cosplay gear, tights and spandex, mask and nipple clamps. I am just kidding, I wont wear a mask.