lupin the third live action movie or Yeah its been out for a minute, I am still excited to see it

No I haven't watched it yet, I have been lurking, which is my new favorite word in context to 'shopping for' or observing for a long period of time, on the concept for a couple of days. I am a admitted casual fan of LT3. I say casual because I have not watched Lupin the Third since the peak of the cartoon network adult swim days, around about 2004 to the 2007 area maybe longer, I would have to refresh my memory on the particular fact but it has been at least 5 strong years. I never bought any of the DVD stuff or show related items or bother to stream or find streams of the show online. I am a casual fan of Lupin the Third, but I know a lot of you can relate and a lot of are as excited as me for this movie.

Look this is the trailer for the movie it came out in mid 2014, I am not sure what the box office of the budget of the film was but I am intrigued to find out and post about it later when I blog about the review of the film. which I think I'm going to watch it tonight but possibly tomorrow, I got options. I am trying to keep these short and to the fucking point I know time is precious.