BALVSAKLHASDFKJHSD!!!! by vince stephen

Anime nexpo yearxpo


    Well I completely and totally failed to get into the expo this year. I is my fault, my weak attempts gaining access were no match I figure. I knew It was going to be a down to the wire decision but I was confident that I would be able to attend. A super bum bummer but I did manage to snag some pictures that Ill through up during the article that will plain obviously, me bitching and complaining about all the stuff I missed.    


    As I watch from my apartment, all walks of Life from the full spectrum of anime fandom and community. Fans with T-shirts on, proudly display a subtle quip or ablatant title from one their most beloved shows. People with functional Cos play on, you know , jeans and a shirt but maybe the clothes are the same scheme as a character and they may brandish a replica of that characters weapon. Then you have the legit cos-play attendees, people that just bought tickets to the expo like most, but goes beyond detail or expense when it comes to their Cos Play.  


    I search the series of tubes formerly known as the internet for two straight days looking for someone willing to sell me a badge for a reason price and not using my own demand against me. I searched and I searched (craiglist and reddit)  to no avail. getting close on Saturday but not able to leave work soon enough to procure my badge. I knew there was a possibility of this happening if I did not register for the expo soon enough but not 2017, registering right now as a attendee just in case I can not get a press badge, time will tell.


    I think the coverage will have to rely on other sources that I can redirect you to like my Co-host YouTube page, it is just his name Quinton Weston. We also are releasing a podcast wrapping up his attendance and covering panels and things that hegot to experience. So stay tuned we may not have the most extensive coverage this year but, we are getting it together. The best coverage would be to fly or drive or walk your ass out here to southern California and attend the expo. 




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