a thing to think

A thing to think

by vince stephen



Okay I have been thinking about ways to make the discussion of race more palatable for everyone. Instead of setting up the conversations by establishing posture and debate points. Even though I think that we should be discussing matters of cultural differences and racial differences, I do not see any progression from discussion, it seems to me all of our cultural tolerance achievements are not coming from an essay that we read every other month. Our cultural tolerance and racial tolerance achievements are made from our interactions with each other, our willingness to allow people different from us to be with and around us, not being deterred by simple biological differences. I do think that most people believe that our racial manners need tending to, but I do not think most those people know how damaging racial and cultural intolerance could be.

        Lets just admit for example, we can all agree that there is, at the very least, a small amount of people from every race that, if there was a physical button they could press that annihilate every race but there own, they would press that fucking button twice a day, three times on Sunday. This is the extreme example but these people exist, in wide ranges of craziness from just not wanting to deal with other cultures and races to the before mentioned ,wanting other races and cultures wiped off the map, if not just certain particular ones. Just for the record I believe we have the capacity to thrive together, multi-cultural and all, bring on the quirks, awkward moments of being introduced to a new culture and bring on the food.


    However, obviously everyone does not think like me so I right silly articles that make no difference, like I wish my skin color didn't. Burn. I apologize for that, I am weak. Back to the lecture at hand though, people with intolerant thoughts do not just live in Anytown,USA and share a trailer full of races ideas. They are everywhere doing anything within any personality, basically I am saying you can not tell who harbor these feelings, a teacher? a judge? a friend?

I have racist family members, I am sure we all do, and they have jobs and bias. Maybe they do not write checks or own business or have employees, but the bas does not go away so, am I suppose to believe there are no racist in positions of power? Oh, but they leave that part of their lives at home right?, like, " work is no place for my racist thoughts".


    The danger in cultural and racial intolerance is in the institution and in the system, which has been beat to death. I have written before about race on this blog(too much if you ask me) and not in a celebratory way, obviously with all the issues currently in our society with cops  recent shooting non-threatening black men and recent threatening black men shooting cops. The situation is terrible and it makes it hard for those who are working to make strides to approve the relationships with police officers in their town. The are too many variables and moving parts in society to use broad strokes and say we all need to do this or we all need to do that, it is not easy. Every situation, every community and every person deserves proper attention when faced with these issues and we as a whole should not be looking at how much shame to put on someone and help that person, instead of doing what we always do and say "ah he fucked up, fuck him". I get it, you can not save everyone but we have to stop throwing people away.