Now that our enemies have found out what time us, Americans secretly and collectively, shut or eyes for undisclosed amounts of time to celebrate, Oblivion, the namesake of our reality TV show god thanks to Presidential Nominee Hilary Clinton's email server giving out information to enemy hackers like dunking donuts gives out shitty coffee coupons to your smart phone when you drive by it.(dunkn' donuts coffee is not shitty I am sure they were having a bad day)

  So our security is compromised, what do you do ?  Well we do have a Law and Order candidate, I hope its Det. Stabler, we all no it is not, but I tell you this, you will never find a better country than this one, that I can tell you!


        As this systematic institutionalized racism has reach a more tangible physical form once again coming in like a wave or a cycle, or the new Wavecycle app, who's sales honestly are up are down. It is blood in the water for, for-profit fear mongering extremist and the "for absolutely no reason" overly

compassionate gang comes out, saturating the issue with this non moving molasses type of activism that total brings everything to a stand still with no resolution. Each side is pleading their case like car accident victims and we are getting their the involved parties stories, while each lean to the bias of their stances.

    We find the wound of the past reopen again and again as an opportunity not as an issue sometimes. Perpetuated by a system that cuts the fabric we wear as we protest down the street, as we protest from our social media and as we civilly disobey. It becomes ourselves we fight, every time these situation come up,I think we turn inside, look inside ourselves and ask, are we a person worth standing up for?


    Do these actions mark the height of our society? Does our country flourish from the blood, sweat and tears of our dark American past in the way that a warrior does with the memories of the past forever to haunt him even though victory had been accomplished. I ask how do people with extremely dark past make amends with themselves when in reality the battle is within? basically what I am saying is everybody needs to look, it is hard when some do not have any incentive what so ever to do so.


        We are not fighting each other physically, it is our mental manifestations of fear that propel most of us to do something that maybe perceived negative. IT consumes, contains and covers our society like a blanket being thrown over a bed. It is smothering to the point that we cant even see the light shining down us. Will it eventually shine through? Is it all a matter of just seeing somebody run to the outside of the blanket? Ill be here , standing on the outside of the blanket, waiting for you.