New sONg New soNg:: vince has got a new sooooong!

written by Vince Stephen

So think I finally have a master copy of my new album I hope. I am getting antsy and I want to change stuff up on it but I think t is good the way it is, however I have a little time before the final release has to be submitted, I might end up changing a song or two on the album. Even with the changes I will still be able to release my single on time, which is called "get in the car 2".


    I released the original song "get in the car" by vince stephen fka orion on the website as a free download in the blog post before this one. It is a minimal song with a nice crispy bass line and I sing over this subtly jangly beat. The is some what absurd and audacious as I sing about how I am not mad that I am not like a presents in music on a grand scale?, I love women and you know what they love me. Seriously! listen to it! that all it means, look all my song are not only going to sometime be about other people but they also made just be all make believe, My mind metabolizes this world for me in order to tell stories from vantages I am not sure I am aware of.


    "get in the car 2" by vince Stephen is a little different from the original, subject matter is different I tried to keep some what of the same beat scheme but ended up changing the whole beat all together. It sound really good and I am excited for people to hear and see the video for the song also. It is funny because I had an idea for a video before I wrote the song and now that the song has been written, the video idea does not at least in my mind entirely coincide, I think. I will let you make the decision in a few weeks when I release "get in he car 2" on everything and where (except a damn actual store) you get music so get ready oh, and I am gonna be doing some shows in the LA area so if around this summer look into it.