electro hip hip alt or Working on new material!!

I have been non existent on my own website for some time now, maybe about two, two and a half months. Not for nothing though, I know, " that statement is grammatically incorrect" , well, it is, congratulations. I have been working on the direction I want to take not only the website, but my music and overall artistic direction. I have been writing new instrumental compositions for my newest album I plan on releasing this spring.  This album is going to be my most produced album or, I have spent a huge amount of time creating these songs, and still not done, that I have ever made hands down. I is a more personal album than ever before, meaning the songs are reflections of my own life as oppose to songs like antihero and megachurch that are existential looks at different scenarios. The new album will be more harmonic also, more singing,  with a minimal electro feel, R&B styling, hip hop edge, and in depth lyrics. I wrote my last album which I plan on releasing on this site (with a tiny purchase) you can listen for yourself, to test my producing chops and make a cleaner album sound, which I managed I believe.  This time I plan on doing a better job plus be better at expressing the songs relevance more gracefully. Well guys I will definatly being writing more and uploading more to my neglected site. New post in the music blog plus I plan on naming my personaltop albums for 2015. YouTube postings of practice sessions, more podcasting too with some format changes that will kill so, stay with us, bookmark my site! send comments! It all is appreciated.