VinceStephen aka orion

 Im all over this website, it is like I own it or something. Well if you did not know I am recording artist also! I have written hundreds of songs release a few albums and made all kinds of songs for all kinds of genres. The last album I made was called RONIN by ORION,  when I went by my moniker ORION which I will not use for my winter 2015 release of my next album which I haven't titled yet.

I write all my own songs from the bass hooks to the lyrical choruses and right now I am composing the music I plan on using for my next album.  I have written some tracks that I do not plan on using on this album that I would like to share on the website. All instrumentals but, believe me they are very full and hearty. The tracks are dance inspired and electronic inspired by some of my favorite bands like,  THE KNIFE AND BJORK maybe a little NIN electronic edge in there too.

I started making and recording my own music when I was like 13 with a little hand held recorder using video game music, like recording  the intro to the DOOM video game and singing over it, stuff like that. I graduated to playing guitar and singing on a tape recorder and eventually in my early twenties I put out my first EP and shortly after my first LP titled MEDICA AUDIO with short release and limited availability.

After that I made a few more records and stopped for like 3 years between 07 and 10, IT nearly killed me. It didn't realize the hold music and creating it had over my life, which isn't such a bad thing but, when there are people involved sometimes it gets complicated to explain. My last release has to be my best in terms of production and value, there is tons of content with songs ranging from religious topics to the realization of addressing relavent issue that effect everyday people. I wll eventually have it on the site for a very small price if you want to check it out, the release date was march 25 2014, so it is not that old.