Chimps and chumps.

Bonobos prefer bullies and jerks. Why don't humans?

If you saw someone helping another person, then a third person antagonizing them, who would you choose to associate with? As a human, chances are you'd prefer the helper, who appears to be a more cooperative member of society. But, according to new research out of Duke University, not all apes feel the same way.

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Police respond to report of Bigfoot on I-80


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The Nebraska State Patrol says it investigated a report of a Bigfoot sighting Saturday night along I-80 near North Platte. "Somebody reported seeing BIGFOOT on the shoulder of I-80 near MM (mile marker) 197," the NSP posted on Facebook.

Octopuses and squids can rewrite their RNA. Is that why they’re so smart?

Octopuses and squids can rewrite their RNA. Is that why they're so smart? When Inky the octopus escaped from his tank at New Zealand's National Aquarium in April 2016, he squirmed through a six-inch-wide drainpipe and stole away into the Pacific. He stole more than a few human hearts along the way, too. Inky fans celebrated the animal that outwitted the aquarium: "Please watch out - he is heavily armed," one commentator quipped.

Ghost of the Tasmanian Tiger: Scientists Investigate Sightings. 

Is Australia's extinct thylacine - a striped, dog-like marsupial commonly known as the Tasmanian tiger - not extinct after all? Recent alleged thylacine sightings convinced scientists at James Cook University in Australia to investigate whether the species is still among the living.