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why do we hate breast milk? I personally would eat breast milk cheese but thats my cheat day turned into two days of cheatness( and I dont feel bad), poeple try to shoot at and wave their arms at hurricane irma to keep her away, lol, no for real, new podcast news, plus L.A. ex CEO facing sexual impropriety allegation charges launches new company.

vince stephen

My name is vince Stephen, I was born in Muskegon, MI, when I was 2, I moved to Hampton, Virgina, I grew up in VA playing sports and loving music and art. I moved back to Muskegon in my twenties and started making music in 2003. Lived in Muskegon until 2014 when I moved to Los Angeles, a long awaited moved that I was going to make in 2004 but was talked out of it by family. Now, I blog from my website, podcast from my website, I also do a number of other things involving the website. Along with making music and even after all that still finding ways to expand my artistic education and value, after all, I live in Los Angeles.