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ydk 108: real little billy

This podcast I talk about my crazy work week, some movies/docs I watched: do you trust this computer and ANNIHILATION.Currents: High School nipple shame, chemical weapons and chill...News stories: the silent talker, Zark Muckerberg deletes his message history from your message history, backpage is ran by night of 1000 rejects.  Subscribe! Visit the podcast network. Follow on instatwittesnap @vincestepheno

ydk 107: a titty in the hand

This podcast I guess peppermint pants, I touch on the topic of titties (from a fan stand point)? though i do not remember because I deliriously tired. working on music, easter weekend ( a little) angry cat keeps chewing, #live pd and the wonderful train wreck that is (#live pd) News stories: man owes half million in child support fakes his death, i mean, gets lost at sea and may be in extreme danger, but,  come on and more. 

ydk 106: blah blah blah fa' jesus

This episode i talk about #newmusic and this past weeks #news #marchforourlives,
Trump, strange news: mom crashes car for jesus, theif does not murder baby,
S. Korea cutting work hours, or else

Visit the podcast network. Follow on instatwittesnap @vincestepheno

ydk 86: is the killer killing you?(sept 6 2017)

Did you glue your penis closed? Good. Now go to the cemetery. Eye contact. Scientist detect 3 billion year old signal.
Plus, whats up with lethargic 911 dispatchers? And mafia dude bruh gets caught like, doing his life. Visit the podcast network. Follow on instatwittesnap @vincestepheno

Ydk 105: im woke!

I almost got hit by a car, Juelz Santana dippin from the set, Is twitter winning off of Trump? Flipping you  the burger, Uploading the mind maybe the best diet? Subscribe rate and review. Visit for upcoming awesome stuff, podcasts and stuff!!!

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