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ydk 134: can i get a wing?

This podcast i talk about new equipment
Trends,fad and politics galore including the faceapp
Then some strange news stories. VIDEO COMING SOOOON!
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ydk 86: is the killer killing you?(sept 6 2017)

Did you glue your penis closed? Good. Now go to the cemetery. Eye contact. Scientist detect 3 billion year old signal.
Plus, whats up with lethargic 911 dispatchers? And mafia dude bruh gets caught like, doing his life. Visit the podcast network. Follow on instatwittesnap @vincestepheno

ydk 104: Dark Panther

This podcast I talk about music, music and sound making, Current events: news cycles, MSD student political activist, Gun reform, News stories: Dark Panther, 20 YO sues due to gun age change, Russian sex coaches (spoiler: not a old dude this time....this time.) and the library kicker and more!! Subscribe to the podcast on Apple podcast, Stitcher, TuneIn or your fav podcast app! Visit for more podcast and giveaways, News stories and blogs!

ydk 62 : Dont take daddy's things

This podcast I talk about and eat plums the whole podcast, an older episode, around when I started to do news stories, whip cream death, is that a bag of plums or are you sucking titties?  beating up 5 year olds and more!!!! subscribe and download the podcast and visit for podcast,  giveaways in march (in los angeles) and new merch in merch march (i made that up)!! DONT TAKE DADDY'S THINGS

ydk 75

Wayans bros need to make a 'white guys' movie. Plinko down into the crevasse. People selling bootleg media/art.Getting sisters pregnant at the same time. A man named toy poodle gets jail time. Man has a fatal past. Plus what have you done in the last ten years?