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ydk 69

This podcast I talk about debating myself sometimes...for money, St. New Valentines Day(tasers includicated),  plus  R. Kelly is auditioning for a bad guy role the next taken?

ydk 68

McGregor v Mayweather press con tour, and an imaginary Jim. Also the first VR porn festival cancelled because...we perverts. peaceouters.

ydk 59

This podcast I do while driving  to west Hollywood mostly because I literally have no time left.  I talk about LA traffic, culture tension and differences. And  a little alcohol is not as good as it taste to me. and much more randomness.

ydk 56

This podcast we talk positive residential energy, plus UFC and NBA Finals news,walmart making employees drop off groceries to yo' hizzle and garbage pizza.

ydk 54

This podcast I compare modern day colonization to American colonization, I know I fail, bees, no really, bees are important , disorganized jobs plus random car alarms.