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ydk 110: declassifying cannabis

This podcast I talk about removing or at least reclassifying cannabis and hemp to schedule III from I, the highest restricting schedule type  for drugs and pharm meds. 420 and what the officail food should be ? which is tacos, plus whats Worcestershire  sauce? plus News Stories: sex dolls therapy, man steals Mil' worth of fajitas and much more. Visit the podcast network. Follow on instatwittesnap @vincestepheno

ydk 109: exotic meat mouth

This podcast I talk about the week in events: john "weedman boenhner (or how ever you spell it), 420 next and de-schedule cannabis from federal restricitions, egg recall, trump vs comey, News stories: spider burgers, make animals great again, dogs win a pissing contest and attack of the five-story penis and much much more! Visit the podcast network. Follow on instatwittesnap @vincestepheno

Best of ydk 2017!

Thank you everybody for listening, dont forget to subscribe rate and review and for more things and stuff in the future and check out our other podcast, THE CLAIM LAYERS. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Best of ydk part I

This is the first part of the first yearly wrap up of You Dont Know with vince stephen. Even though ydk is in year two this is our first wrap up show, its a two parter, second part comes out New Years Eve. Download the podcast from your fav pod catcher, subscribe, rate and review! go to for more in 2018!

ydk 95

This podcast I talk about my car (R.I.P), Lady Tinybone, Christmas in L.A., social networking, Try saying Arnold Palmer, you cant, angry cat, CURRENTS: This week in trUSsiA, Omarosa, Rich dead people, and more harassment news Strange News: net neutrality fight is not over, nick saban political playoffs,sex positions, cannibliss, The Pope thinks bringing up the past is "not cool,bro" and more ...