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ydk 106: blah blah blah fa' jesus

This episode i talk about #newmusic and this past weeks #news #marchforourlives,
Trump, strange news: mom crashes car for jesus, theif does not murder baby,
S. Korea cutting work hours, or else

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ydk 90

Russian helicopter shows off its bullets to spectators, Are you hyper sensitive or highly sensitive? do you know the difference? Can the follow up seasons of MY favorite shows be made first and thank you and youre welcome, Plus "the mad pooper"

ydk 86

Did you glue your penis closed? Good. Now go to the cemetery. Eye contact. Scientist detect 3 billion year old signal.
Plus, whats up with lethargic 911 dispatchers? And mafia dude bruh gets caught like, doing his life.

ydk 82

This podcast eats booty like pastries, preachers sinning, free lifetime bus pass means no rides from family, antipineapple festival bans pineapple, when your no. 2s are bigger than expected, plus woman survives a month in wilderness legally blind.

ydk 78

Getting rid of Mondays, adding another Tuesday, taking stuff too seriously( we all suffer from it from time to time), automated driving: worst part of the future, plus bodymore, murderland cant stop...wont stop and a lovers quarrel turns messy deadly. Oh yeah and I talk about trump for like ten minutes.