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current events

ydk 129 : the whitest black guy you know

This podcast I go in a little bit so be warned it's not safe for public play. I talked about music new my album 'errors' comes out October 31st get more free music on my website I talk about being black and annunciating and the fact that it drives some people fucking crazy.Culture. Also talk about sports a lot a little bit of MMA a little bit NBA a little bit in the NFL and much much much more love it!

ydk 114: summa cum laude, summa dont

This podcast I get into things like, fireworks at 2 am on sat morning, confronting a drunk man who broke into a womans apartment, the royals, download my music, no angry cat this ep. my old friend insomnia is back, Current climate: Volcano with equally menacing name eating the big isle, Conversion about gun control, Kendrick Lamar, sometimes thoughts are wrong, news stories: kids learn about the birds and motherfucking bees, Graduates porn cake is a no go at Publix and more! Subscribe! Visit the podcast network. Follow on instatwittesnap @vincestepheno

Ydk 112 : Mad Kings

This podcast I talk about making music, mad kings, current events: black man kicked, trump does something awkward and or terrible,no weave sex, what do we value? final kanye thought part 1, news story:  laser eyes! Visit the podcast network. Follow on instatwittesnap @vincestepheno

ydk 95

This podcast I talk about my car (R.I.P), Lady Tinybone, Christmas in L.A., social networking, Try saying Arnold Palmer, you cant, angry cat, CURRENTS: This week in trUSsiA, Omarosa, Rich dead people, and more harassment news Strange News: net neutrality fight is not over, nick saban political playoffs,sex positions, cannibliss, The Pope thinks bringing up the past is "not cool,bro" and more ...

ydk 94

This podcast I talk about my new podcast The Claim Layers, streamable on December 25 2017, New Years resolutions, almost finished writing first draft of my thingy, current events: alabama senate race, grope on accident,  motivational speech, net neutrality is good 'enough'! new stories: 15 ghost lovers ?  Soprano Gentlemans' Club closing, consolidated INC.