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ydk 129 : the whitest black guy you know

This podcast I go in a little bit so be warned it's not safe for public play. I talked about music new my album 'errors' comes out October 31st get more free music on my website I talk about being black and annunciating and the fact that it drives some people fucking crazy.Culture. Also talk about sports a lot a little bit of MMA a little bit NBA a little bit in the NFL and much much much more love it!

ydk 121 : LA Temp last weekend in degrees? all of 'em

Why can't I talk about accomplishments making music and how much fun it is this year for me, let's talk about the crazy Los Angeles Heat last weekend, then I go all old man and start talking about weather, bureaucracy is lazy, I talk about the Act of the Entourage which is when people walk in a straight line down the street, tit suits, the origin of Wonder Woman, I talked about getting bad meat then I talk about news then I read a news story about a guy who shoots himself in the head to prove his love to his girlfriend then bye

ydk 116 : forty pairs of panties

this podcast I talked about Jackson Michigan prison escape room the climate in our culture now and everybody's outraged in the outrage culture Plus porn making people mass Shoot? Ambien turning us into racist? I also talked about music in this podcast, Kim Kardashian and prison and Criminal Justice Reform, Donald Trump, I also talk about social branding, labels and how we're so affected by them in the mission to analyze my own bias and be myself and I talked about the sketchy guy at the weed shop, not sketchy art art but sketchy serial killer killer and news stories and bye.

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Ydk 105: im woke!

I almost got hit by a car, Juelz Santana dippin from the set, Is twitter winning off of Trump? Flipping you  the burger, Uploading the mind maybe the best diet? Subscribe rate and review. Visit for upcoming awesome stuff, podcasts and stuff!!!

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ydk 94

This podcast I talk about my new podcast The Claim Layers, streamable on December 25 2017, New Years resolutions, almost finished writing first draft of my thingy, current events: alabama senate race, grope on accident,  motivational speech, net neutrality is good 'enough'! new stories: 15 ghost lovers ?  Soprano Gentlemans' Club closing, consolidated INC.