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ydk 125 : nice cold accident

This podcast I talk about music of course, someone put their cold drink on my arm at the store and I didnt say shit, pushing some idiot down the stairs, and some other stuff, im working on something so just listen!!!Subscribe! Visit the podcast network. Follow on instatwittesnap @vincestepheno

Ydk 105: im woke!

I almost got hit by a car, Juelz Santana dippin from the set, Is twitter winning off of Trump? Flipping you  the burger, Uploading the mind maybe the best diet? Subscribe rate and review. Visit for upcoming awesome stuff, podcasts and stuff!!!

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ydk 89

elderly man pushes suspect off roof, the original gangster? The day I was stuck in downey: a broken down car story. Apple face Id said new phone,who dis? Plus, does every public restroom stall urinal in the world have piss on it? the yes.

ydk 73

This podcast I talk about how no matter what 12 hours later, good food/bad food all turns to poop, why do people like cruise ships? getting paid off that broccoli, and the band 4:44 puts out an album called, Jay-Z,(what? no magna carta, holy grail bands out there) brilliant. peaceout.