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ydk 106: blah blah blah fa' jesus

This episode i talk about #newmusic and this past weeks #news #marchforourlives,
Trump, strange news: mom crashes car for jesus, theif does not murder baby,
S. Korea cutting work hours, or else

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ydk 73

This podcast I talk about how no matter what 12 hours later, good food/bad food all turns to poop, why do people like cruise ships? getting paid off that broccoli, and the band 4:44 puts out an album called, Jay-Z,(what? no magna carta, holy grail bands out there) brilliant. peaceout.

ydk 57

This podcast I talk about the increase of terror activity in popular cities and what I think it UFC 212 results, and NBA playoffs prediction for game 3, Nailin' Palin' and the "lame"stream media plus you can not hit on me with a cane. 

ydk 51

This podcast clearly breaks down your genitals, no need to see a medical doctor(we go chromosome deep, and how much did your dad make you gay but it could have been your mom, and nba playoffs results news. peaceout.

ydk 48

This podcast I talk about voting (again), the weekend and UFC results, dreams, plus malware kill switches and finding more skulls than you can  fit in a cave, maybe. peaceout.