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ydk 62 : Dont take daddy's things

This podcast I talk about and eat plums the whole podcast, an older episode, around when I started to do news stories, whip cream death, is that a bag of plums or are you sucking titties?  beating up 5 year olds and more!!!! subscribe and download the podcast and visit for podcast,  giveaways in march (in los angeles) and new merch in merch march (i made that up)!! DONT TAKE DADDY'S THINGS

ydk 79

This podcast I talk about the rally & protest in VA. plus is N.Korea bluffing? is the U.S. bluffing? Also a dude pushes a (breaking news story interruption) lady in front of a bus. Man self rides inside driver seat and drives an autonomous car for science, and not last and not least buying rich peoples sidewalks and finally three girls potentially gain super powers through wild wild nature. peaceout.

ydk 78

Getting rid of Mondays, adding another Tuesday, taking stuff too seriously( we all suffer from it from time to time), automated driving: worst part of the future, plus bodymore, murderland cant stop...wont stop and a lovers quarrel turns messy deadly. Oh yeah and I talk about trump for like ten minutes.

ydk 72

This podcast I talk about biochips (now in ranch) . Another election ruined by sorcery. UFC 214 review/predictions. Plus and I find out will smith is a giant mmmmmnerd.

ydk 70

This podcast I talk about people's righteous  and non righteous  habits, healthcare, again, cause its important and UFOs and oh wait, did the Gov'ment lose billions of dollars in cash off a pallet one time. ( you know they did!)