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ydk 121 : LA Temp last weekend in degrees? all of 'em

Why can't I talk about accomplishments making music and how much fun it is this year for me, let's talk about the crazy Los Angeles Heat last weekend, then I go all old man and start talking about weather, bureaucracy is lazy, I talk about the Act of the Entourage which is when people walk in a straight line down the street, tit suits, the origin of Wonder Woman, I talked about getting bad meat then I talk about news then I read a news story about a guy who shoots himself in the head to prove his love to his girlfriend then bye

ydk 96

ydk 96

This week: current events, UFOs and black/white arguments, Life as a sim, Clint Eastwood, director, vampire? socio-president(S) , my personal UFO experiences, how long before we have 2 internets, nano-fabrication, and the "no god" Stephen Hawking movie SPOILERS: super bummer and more.....DOWNLOAD the podcast, rate and review, Visit for more podcast, videos and more!!