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natural disasters

ydk 133: the dirty threesome

THis podcast I talk about earthquakes, natural disasters and the apocalypse. Then I talk about poeple and their kids. also we read a few news stories on this one.

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This podcast is a opinion,news,variety, entertainment podcast. I think I broke some grammatical law there, anyway, from L.A. with smoochies, listen to the podcast and play with your dog!

ydk 123 : stars play scars

this podcast I talk about working on the podcast and music, my diet or my conditioning, then a rant on absolution and morals. people that use movie qoutes to retort an answer to a basic question. who are you?  Mini distribution centers, no job is safe, says the robots,  social climate: stars playing people with disabilities and minorities, News stories: steal your dates car to go on a another date and man robs same place twice and peaceout!Subscribe! Visit the podcast network. Follow on instatwittesnap @vincestepheno

Best of ydk part I

This is the first part of the first yearly wrap up of You Dont Know with vince stephen. Even though ydk is in year two this is our first wrap up show, its a two parter, second part comes out New Years Eve. Download the podcast from your fav pod catcher, subscribe, rate and review! go to for more in 2018!

ydk 87

this podcast I talk about checkbooks, earthquake lights and what are they and who cares theres an earthquake going on, hurricanes, the lookdowns, ufc predictions/results later in the show, weird thing happening with the sun, walking to the store guy scratches his butt af(dude get out of your butt!) creating the 20 pace butt scratch, deranged clowns like movies?