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ydk 76

This podcast I talk about dudes with they booties out, Tom Cruise Church and the tits of old, also dude ruins party with peer pressure (and Carolina reaper),missing girl found in douche bags freezer (not even the worst part), armadillo gets instant revenge on idiot.

ydk 73

This podcast I talk about how no matter what 12 hours later, good food/bad food all turns to poop, why do people like cruise ships? getting paid off that broccoli, and the band 4:44 puts out an album called, Jay-Z,(what? no magna carta, holy grail bands out there) brilliant. peaceout.

ydk 61

This podcast I finish talking about my songs on my new album, due out soon and some other stuff maybe.

ydk 60

In this podcast I give a little inside to my creatives, the songs 'get in the car 2' & 'and.' are featured. I talk about my album maudlin creatures and getting closer a release date. Also I break down the meanings of the first five songs on the album with the next 5 coming Wednesday and release date friday (hopefully).