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Best of ydk part I

This is the first part of the first yearly wrap up of You Dont Know with vince stephen. Even though ydk is in year two this is our first wrap up show, its a two parter, second part comes out New Years Eve. Download the podcast from your fav pod catcher, subscribe, rate and review! go to for more in 2018!

ydk 59

This podcast I do while driving  to west Hollywood mostly because I literally have no time left.  I talk about LA traffic, culture tension and differences. And  a little alcohol is not as good as it taste to me. and much more randomness.

ydk 55

Put my money where your mouth is.... right ? Party cocaine, insomnia and how I got it,
Binge watching HOC, no public bbq areas?

ydk 53

This podcast I talk about writing music and engaging your empathy
Eyeroll inducing Super dope pizza place
Fidget spinner porn
Magic mushrooms
CBD study and more. Peaceout.

ydk 49

This podcast I talk about chef gigs, energy drinks and knowing the dangers of undangers. Sports and other unsettling news on ydk. peaceout.