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ydk 51

This podcast clearly breaks down your genitals, no need to see a medical doctor(we go chromosome deep, and how much did your dad make you gay but it could have been your mom, and nba playoffs results news. peaceout.

ydk 49

This podcast I talk about chef gigs, energy drinks and knowing the dangers of undangers. Sports and other unsettling news on ydk. peaceout.

ydk 42

This podcast I talk about scientist not needing bones anymore, new netflix show casting jon benet and other depressing children news plus cool ass cars.

ydk 41

This ep I talk about diet and cheat days, going to venice to eat donuts impromtu, plus Funeral home cremates entire funeral home and  reporting E.T.'s to homeland security.

ydk 40

This podcast I talk about past weekends ufc results and the NBA playoffs, dirty scripts, parking, premature babies and science, plus police officer quits job to become a dancer and would this be a complete ep without tax reform