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the president

ydk 116 : forty pairs of panties

this podcast I talked about Jackson Michigan prison escape room the climate in our culture now and everybody's outraged in the outrage culture Plus porn making people mass Shoot? Ambien turning us into racist? I also talked about music in this podcast, Kim Kardashian and prison and Criminal Justice Reform, Donald Trump, I also talk about social branding, labels and how we're so affected by them in the mission to analyze my own bias and be myself and I talked about the sketchy guy at the weed shop, not sketchy art art but sketchy serial killer killer and news stories and bye.

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ydk 111: no more idols

This episode I talk about Kanye, Sarah Huckabee Sanders in current events and I also talked about music that I've made recently current events Steamboat geyser Egypt fake weather news reports and the most badass lady ever delivers a baby with the help of a YouTube tutorial
Go to bed early and don't eat too much chicken
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ydk 100 winning from the grave

This podcast I talk Khan academy- calculus- reading the longest book, The Grammys, fiction shaming little Cambodian boy , Mr president "clap back" (yeah, its weird), Mollys game and beaver feet-news stories:; Flu deaths in CA. Elon Musks falcon heavy test launch, Landscaping serial killer had a way with soil and mo' !!!

ydk 98 go out like a wolf spider.

This episode I talk about current events, north korea, the president, ces alabama, The Elon Musk Hour, The golden globes and the games we play,  News stories: has there ever been a successful hot air balloon flight?, frequency of conscious and go out like the wolf spider and more!!!!!!!