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ydk 120 : Frequency

This podcast I talk about music , my music and this good year of music so far, social climate review,  immigration issue/reform, drug war, the devil is in the lack of detail, lovehate relationship with food, westworld, my theory of the soul (frequency, bare with me!), compartmentalizing art/professional life, and more !Subscribe! Visit the podcast network. Follow on instatwittesnap @vincestepheno

ydk 117 : 10 minutes of extra life

In this podcast we get down and dirties,

I stop a guy from dropping the duece in a lady yard, killed a big ass roach, it screamed! Music journey and my allergies,

No reservations.

Depression 8 minute commercials and snay coil brand coils the only coils you need. Damn ever. Much more,  plus new stories: girl plays through the,  ajit "the apple" pai says were better off without net neutrality, and pet monkey goes looking for his hoe of an owner, gets in altercation, okay? Okay. Bye.

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ydk 109: exotic meat mouth

This podcast I talk about the week in events: john "weedman boenhner (or how ever you spell it), 420 next and de-schedule cannabis from federal restricitions, egg recall, trump vs comey, News stories: spider burgers, make animals great again, dogs win a pissing contest and attack of the five-story penis and much much more! Visit the podcast network. Follow on instatwittesnap @vincestepheno

ydk 106: blah blah blah fa' jesus

This episode i talk about #newmusic and this past weeks #news #marchforourlives,
Trump, strange news: mom crashes car for jesus, theif does not murder baby,
S. Korea cutting work hours, or else

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ydk 102: Yo! You po'lease?

This podcast I talk about The power grab in politics, the lil shut down, sustaining from the most basic of needs, Philippines President blowing people away, News stories: liquid and solid water at the same damn time, police wait for man to poop for over three weeks, hollywood cold case wounds reopen, Rodrigo '2 dirty' Duterte,

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