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ydk 68

McGregor v Mayweather press con tour, and an imaginary Jim. Also the first VR porn festival cancelled because...we perverts. peaceouters.

ydk 66

This podcast I talk about personality and how many of us got it, mostly I talk about male personality traits but whatever, UFC results, Rick "the juice "perry He supplies, then you demand, plus police incident with ducks goes, "ok I guess, but kind of a waste of time"? peaceoutages.

ydk 64

Dope albums from K. And hov
Kanye hov tidal split
Road rage chill pills
Sex worker equality
Plus true life faceoffs .peaceout.

ydk 58

This podcast I talk about the NBA playoffs and the fact that nobody (legit) likes me,Getting tickets (in michigan) , drunk driving ( a long time ago) and parking in LA (again) and people getting mad over diet and health talk.

ydk 57

This podcast I talk about the increase of terror activity in popular cities and what I think it UFC 212 results, and NBA playoffs prediction for game 3, Nailin' Palin' and the "lame"stream media plus you can not hit on me with a cane.