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vince stephen

ydk 131 : moving on somehow

on this episode I talk about moving 3 times in 2 months with in L.A.( ep. 132 will be ready in a few hours) with very little money, in the middle of putting out and album and how crappy it all was. watch the video on youtbe coming within days and go to for some music and merch and crazy stories, I am in the process of of creating new content so if you find old content there dont worry, we getting it tight! Youtube strangeillustrated and superpositionmedia (thequantum28)! ok bay bay!

ydk 83

This podcast I talk about the Yorkshire ripper and how did he get his nickname I wonder?, plus getting pulled over, someone said, ' try not to move too much" guess which one of us it was?, then nutella strike again ( super allergic), plus jon jones news and so much more.

ydk 82

This podcast eats booty like pastries, preachers sinning, free lifetime bus pass means no rides from family, antipineapple festival bans pineapple, when your no. 2s are bigger than expected, plus woman survives a month in wilderness legally blind.

ydk 81

This podcast I talk about Crazy car trouble, total eclipse eclipsed, personality issues plus charisma and killer robots.

ydk 79

This podcast I talk about the rally & protest in VA. plus is N.Korea bluffing? is the U.S. bluffing? Also a dude pushes a (breaking news story interruption) lady in front of a bus. Man self rides inside driver seat and drives an autonomous car for science, and not last and not least buying rich peoples sidewalks and finally three girls potentially gain super powers through wild wild nature. peaceout.