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ydk 107: a titty in the hand

This podcast I guess peppermint pants, I touch on the topic of titties (from a fan stand point)? though i do not remember because I deliriously tired. working on music, easter weekend ( a little) angry cat keeps chewing, #live pd and the wonderful train wreck that is (#live pd) News stories: man owes half million in child support fakes his death, i mean, gets lost at sea and may be in extreme danger, but,  come on and more. 

ydk 61

This podcast I finish talking about my songs on my new album, due out soon and some other stuff maybe.

ydk 50

This show I discuss loud friends,apps creating social passes, Flashes from Jesus, chef'n for a lot of people, real time NBA talk, man life sucks after lady falls on him from 11 stories. peaceout.

ydk 48

This podcast I talk about voting (again), the weekend and UFC results, dreams, plus malware kill switches and finding more skulls than you can  fit in a cave, maybe. peaceout.

ydk 44

This podcast I am starting to think as I get older living in the matrix is a good idea, passing out in my bathroom, unclearwater florida, and of course vr. peaceout.