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YDK 99 part 1: Babies full of adrenaline

This Podcast I talk about shitholes, 451 million reason...,babies full of adrenaline, racial tension, the term "cisgender" ,steak wit the sauce, News strories: elon musk hour, deep time and more 

ydk 98 go out like a wolf spider.

This episode I talk about current events, north korea, the president, ces alabama, The Elon Musk Hour, The golden globes and the games we play,  News stories: has there ever been a successful hot air balloon flight?, frequency of conscious and go out like the wolf spider and more!!!!!!!

ydk 82

This podcast eats booty like pastries, preachers sinning, free lifetime bus pass means no rides from family, antipineapple festival bans pineapple, when your no. 2s are bigger than expected, plus woman survives a month in wilderness legally blind.

ydk 80

Podcasting to the inf degree ( whatever that means) , disproportionate prison statistics are slightly alarming, Plus are you ready for August 21 2017 solar eclipse? now you are( dont forget your solar filter, ) SCEMD warns of lizard attacks and bigfoot sightings during the eclipse ( are you really ready for the solar eclispe?), man gets fine for pouring coffee in the street, rightly thinks its petty AF. peaceout.