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Podcasting to the inf degree ( whatever that means) , disproportionate prison statistics are slightly alarming, Plus are you ready for August 21 2017 solar eclipse? now you are( dont forget your solar filter, ) SCEMD warns of lizard attacks and bigfoot sightings during the eclipse ( are you really ready for the solar eclispe?), man gets fine for pouring coffee in the street, rightly thinks its petty AF. peaceout.

vince stephen

My name is vince Stephen, I was born in Muskegon, MI, when I was 2, I moved to Hampton, Virgina, I grew up in VA playing sports and loving music and art. I moved back to Muskegon in my twenties and started making music in 2003. Lived in Muskegon until 2014 when I moved to Los Angeles, a long awaited moved that I was going to make in 2004 but was talked out of it by family. Now, I blog from my website, podcast from my website, I also do a number of other things involving the website. Along with making music and even after all that still finding ways to expand my artistic education and value, after all, I live in Los Angeles.